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Would you like to sell your watch Quickly and at a fair price? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We buy watches from all well-known luxury watch brands – Quickly, safely, discreetly.

You will receive a free evaluation from our experts and then decide if you want to sell.

If so, we’ll do everything else for you.

Find out more here.

For whatever reason you want to sell your watch, we can only recommend selling it to on experienced and reputable watch dealer.

If you want to sell your watch to private worth individuals on your own, this can be a very time-consuming affair.

Both the correspondence with potential interested parties and Ultimately the receipt of the sales price can take a long time.

At Watch.

de your sale is in safe hands and we guarantee quick and easy processing.

We estimate free of charge, you decide: Simply fill out our online form and you will receive on evaluation from our experts in a short time.

The more you tell us, the more precise our offer to you can be.

At best, send us photos – of your watch Including the available accessories – from different views, as can be seen here as in example: front view Photo from the back View from the side (please photograph bothsides) Accessories: box and papers You will receive our offer within a few hours – free of charge and without obligation.

After making an appointment by telephone, you can so bring your valuable item to us personally for a specific offer.

We are there for you by phone and in person during our opening hours at 0711-933089-0.

To the form for your free evaluation Insured pick-up service and therefore shipping return: If you have Decided to sell your watch, you can therefore have your watch picked up from anywhere in Germany by our value transport company.

So you are welcome to send us your watch for a specific evaluation.

If we do not come to an agreement, we will send your watch / piece of jewelery back to you directly.

In the, mean time your valuable item is safely stored with us.

The costs for the return shipment are, of course, fully insured, 25 euros.

Our appreciation is based on Decades of industry experience and the knowledge of our in-house experts and certified master watchmakers.

We guarantee fair prices in line with the market if you want to sell your watch to us and so if you buy a new favorite watch in our online shop or in our specialty store in the center of Stuttgart.

Immediate payment upon purchase: Do you like our binding offer? Then we look forward to taking over the Further Processing for you.

You will receive the Agreed purchase price from us within a few days on your account or, if you wish, in cash in our shop.

Do you have questions about the exact process and the appreciation? We are personally at your service: Phone: +49 711-933089-0 Email: info@watch.

de Trade-in of watches So if you prefer to replace your old watch with a newer or completely Call different model, you can contact us with confidence.

Trade in your watch Easily and conveniently with us and buy a new favorite piece for your wrist at a particularly attractive price in our online shop www.


de or in our store.

THUS, selling your watch is even more worthwhile and your new heart’s desire can be Fulfilled Quickly and easily.

Commission of watches In addition to the purchase and trade-in of used watches, we therefore offer you the option of giving your watch to us on commission.

In the display of our store in Central Stuttgart and therefore in our online shop at www.


de, your valuable item will be Offered to a worldwide group of buyers.

If your watch has not been sold after six months, you will receive it back from us free of charge.

HOWEVER, due to our many years of sales experience, this almost never happens.

If the watch has been sold by us, we will pay you the jointly fixed price.

Your advantage: With the commission you Usually get a Significantly higher income than with the purchase, as we do not tie up any capital here.

For assessment of initial, please use our online form.

Due to the current situation, we currently only advise you on the purchase, trade-in and commission of your watches by phone or in writing by message to info@watch.

de Your jeweler Ralf Häffner & team

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