Baselworld 2016

“THE ART OF WRITING – Take pleasure in the art of putting pen to paper.

Words did take shape in your mind are Brought to life on the page, gracefully, smoothly with the reassuring weight of a handcrafted writing instrument, as expressive as you are.

” These poetic words describes S.


Dupont his writing implements and clarifies the same time its own demand for perfection – a writing instrument like a symphony.

Classic in different versions The range of high-class pins is as simple as it is ingenious.

Different variants such as Fountain Pen (Pen), ballpoint (pen) or Convertible Roller (pen or felt-tip pen, according to refill) are implemented optically in different collections.

line D Elegant lines and an exceptional manufacturing create a timeless collection of writing instruments.

Perfectly balanced, they guarantee optimum writing pleasure.

Line D Atelier The writing instruments of the line D studio are continuous hand-coated and characterized by a fine mottling.

The distinctive characteristics of Chinese Lackierkunst makes any writing instrument unique.

Defi Form and function in perfection characterize this collection of these writing instruments, designed to deliver dynamic precision and exceptional style when it matters.

Liberté A collection slimmer Fountain pens and ballpoints in selected natural paints and palladium or gold.

Line D – Convertible Roller The fusion of iconic designs with precious materials creates a distinctive pen tool that conforms to the contours of the hand gently.

The natural paint merges with palladium and is rounded off by a stylish 14 carat gold spring.

Line D Studio – Fountain Pen Inspired from the archives and created in close cooperation with the master painters, the studio line-invents the expressive design with the finest natural lacquer entirely new.

Artistically crafted produced a remarkable tortoiseshell drawing a contrast of yellow gold.

Defi – Ballpoint The innovative completion records the Defi series of just how the groomed appearance.

At the same time they mark the beginning of a new development on writing instruments.

Built for speed and precision ensure the metal frame used, light palladium and “fluid ink flow technology” an exciting writing experience.

Liberté – Fountain Pen With an elegant feminine aesthetic and sensual curves, a gentle contrast of black lacquer and palladium smooth an outstanding accessory creates a modern woman.

A multi-faceted cap with the character of the brand and a solid gold nib guarantee exceptional writing comfort.

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