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Arnold & Son are Golden Wheel: the world’s first model with the functions of hours wandering and mechanisms of the central second stroke.

Rich British heritage hour Arnold & Son has its roots in the distant 18th century.

Underlining its watchmaking, Arnold & Son regularly are complicated watches with unique capabilities.

Patented Golden Wheel model clearly reflects the brand’s ingenuity and commitment of true watchmaking.

Watches Golden Wheel is a unique interpretation of ancient volumetric complexity hours wandering first appeared in desktop clock mid-17 th century.

In fact, the first release with this complication was observed in pocket watches made, probably in England in the early 18th century.

Thus, this complication can be very useful for the manufacture pododit Arnold & Son, inspired by the British watchmakers, which revived a long-standing tradition of creating models with an hour wandering.

Watches Golden Wheel Instrument are part of a collection that pays tribute to the hours, focused on timing, developed in the second half of the life of John Arnold and his son Roger.

The manufacturing clockwork Golden Wheel has been in development for three years, from the very concept of the assembly – and watchmakers brought a lot of trouble at various stages of design and development.

Function wandering hours, also known as spasmodic digital clock display, displayed on the upper arch of the dial (10 to 2 hours).

Beneath it Arnold & Son created hourly carousel Golden Wheel mechanism of the true course of the second hand on the central axis, which visually adds to the complexity and elegance of her move.

The mechanism of the true second course – a specialization Arnold & Son.

precision function allows the second hand to make gradual progress, without further hesitation on the dial – which contributes to a more accurate reading.

Superior technology and expert craftsmanship inherent in this clockwork, even more enhanced by the fact that Arnold & Son have made the mechanism visible from the dial side in all their greatness.

Not only is the brand used three separate transparent sapphire disk (which seems to float above the dial) to indicate the time, but also raised many of the components of the movement to create the incredible surround sound effect.

This creative and visionary approach turns the Golden Wheel in a very modern interpretation of wandering hours.

Central hour carousel models Golden Wheel is made of 18K rose gold, which gave this masterpiece is the name.

Pearl arch displays the current time, but sapphire discs obozacheniyami hours floating above it.

Golden arrows on time drives indicate minute scale, located above the arches hour.

The work of the true course of the mechanism of seconds displayed by a large outer ring of the dial with a scale and a central golden arrow.

Dial processed gray acetylcysteine ​​for sale Côtes de Genève.

S6018 – a mechanical clockwork with car factory, 29 stones, and 232 components.

It works with a frequency of 28 800 / h, provides 50 hours of reserve.

Typically for Arnold & Son style clockwork treated with palladium and has a well crafted Haute Horlogerie, including a hand-bevelled off bridges with polished edges, fine circular grain, glittering patterns Côtes de Genève, circular matt finish on the gears and blued screws with chamfered on mirror polished heads.

Rotor hours skeletonized to a ground surface processing and palladium.

Magnificent clockwork placed in a superb body 18K rose gold with a diameter of 44 mm.

Circulation limited series of watches Golden Wheel is 125 units.

Basic specifications Caliber A & S6018 Exclusive clockwork Arnold & Son a car factory, 29 stones, the diameter of 37.

20 m, a thickness of 8.

00 mm, a stock of 50 hours, 28 800 / hour Functional spasmodic display of hours, minutes and seconds of the true mechanism of stroke Making clockwork: palladium treatment finished Haute Horlogerie: manually chamfered bridges with polished edges, fine circular grain and sparkling patterns Côtes de Genève, dial processed gray acetylcysteine ​​decorated with Côtes de Genève, circular matte finish on the gears and blued screws Stripped chamfer on mirror polished heads Central hour carousel: pure 18K rose gold, frosted, polished edges with hand beveled Rotor hours: palladium treatment, with polished surfaces skeletonized The dial is silver with mother of pearl Housing 18k pink gold, diameter 44 mm, convex sapphire with bilateral anti-reflective coating, the back of the housing is transparent, water-resistant to 30 m The strap is hand stitched brown or black alligator leather Circulation 125 units reference 1HVAR.



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