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Style and Time.

Conventional clocks I’m not interested, – says Bernhard Lederer.

In this context, it is understandable why his work is so extraordinary, starting with the time concept image.

By and large, complicated mechanics of his watch entirely subordinated to the design, which shows a special time as part of a vision of the whole universe.

It is not surprising that his first model under its own brand called Planet.

It was conceived Lederer in 1997 and only three years later already implemented in the framework of the BLU collection, watch brand, which appeared at the beginning of the third millennium.

Today, numerous models from the company BLU SA gained fame and became the real newsmakers: Galaxy, Lady Blu Cherry Blossoms, Atoll Ocean, Duett and others.

Journalists are ready to shower their epithets in the superlative degree, and the jury a variety of tenders – award them the highest awards.

In December 2007, in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur was the largest in Asia exhibition of watches and jewelery A Journey Through Time.

On the occasion of this event were awarded prizes of the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

The solemn ceremony was held at the prestigious gallery hours Starhill, which is a kind of mecca for fine watchmaking fans worldwide.

Here boutiques most famous watch brands, providing a full range of their collections.

In a series of luxury watches, the cost of which is often the budget of a small island nation, its place on the right took his majesty triple tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer – model Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3.

Its amazing design and excellent performance has long been concerned with the minds of collectors and lovers of good hours.

Therefore, the fact that he will receive the grand prize, awarded for excellence in design and technology, has been quite predictable.

These expectations were justified themselves: in a solemn ceremony, the ringing fanfare from the hands of the Secretary General of the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism Bernhard Lederer, founder and CTO of BLU SA, won the main prize ceremony Tourism Malaysia Most Revered Watch Award 2007.

Beautiful trophy now adorns the new boutique BLU.

, which opened in Kuala Lumpur, Starhill gallery for a few days before the distribution of prizes.

This award is not the only team in the Lederer arsenal.

A year earlier, at the award ceremony The Middle East Watches, Jewellery & Pens Awards Competition in Bahrain model Blu Baguette won the Best High-End Jewelled Watch the top prize.

This paved with diamond-cut variation model of the same name Blu Planet bypassed in the competition version of the famous model from Vacheron Constantin Kalla Duchesse and no less ambitious Lady Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet.

Set superb diamonds, which literally lined the surface of the dial and case, is able to dazzle the sun itself, not to mention the deaths.

By the way, they were able to appreciate the very original design of this watch.

Last year BLU introduced another model from a collection of Blu Planet – watch with automatic winding Blu Open Planet.


Lederer first time presented to the audience his ingenious wheel and a lever system, responsible for the movement pointer time, peculiar only to watch BLU.

This moving system is visible in the round window on the dial of carbon fiber in a stainless steel casing with a diameter of 44 mm.

In complete its composition it makes a revolution in 12 hours, and it is fascinating spectacle, so the new model has a great chance to win the hearts of fans of unusual watch design.

And now news for those who want to touch the masterpieces of famous masters Lederer.

The unique design of the clock has come to Ukraine.

BLU exclusive representative of the brand in our country – the company presents a collection of works of Gaudi Bernhard Lederer in Gaudi salons network (Kiev, Grushevskogo Prospect, 28, and Donetsk, st Postysheva 129.



One can only envy those who are first will discover the extraordinary model, counting down the time in their particular system.


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