Basel-2014: Octo Chronograph by Bvlgari

Within the framework of the International Salon of Haute Horlogerie 2015 House of Van Cleef & Arpels presents a new interpretation of one of the legendary models: hours Cadenas®.

This bold, feminine and timeless jewelry that shows time, symbolizes the tender affection.

In addition, Van Cleef & Arpels opens a new chapter in the history of the collection Enchanted Nature ™.

Master of the house has always found inspiration in the world of flora, fauna, and symbols of good luck and optimism.

Enriched with two new models and a collection of watches with poetic complex functions, The Poetic Complications ™.

On the brilliantly decorated dials sealed magic scene of nature which endures to eternal motion.

For example, fly up ladybugs, allowing enjoy the elegance enamel champlevé and cloisonné.

Continuing to develop the concept of Poetry of Time ™, House joins innovations and collection Charms Extraordinaire.

The three new models, decorated with enamel and miniature painting, the central place is occupied by the theme of love and flowers.

House Van Cleef & Arpels is also three watches fine jewelry, two of which were issued in a single copy: bracelet watch Carpe Koï and Abstraction model with detachable bracelets.

Hours À Cheval conquering the perfect combination of white diamonds and platinum.

This is an example of unsurpassed art masters Van Cleef & Arpels, seeking to select stones that can express emotions.

Cadenas – jewel showing time Cadenas watch, created in 1935, marked the birth of one of the most iconic creations of the House.

The idea of ​​creating this watch with clasp, which symbolize romantic attachment, like a necklace idea Zip, owned by the Duchess of Windsor.

The very first version of this jewelry creations, showing the time, was a bracelet in the form of a double-chain snake gold.

The lines of the watch – direct and concise, and the buckle had a round shape padlock.

This design is so unique that became instantly recognizable.

The dial is located at an angle, emphasized the elegance and femininity of the model: to know what time it is, you can imperceptibly, as befits a sophisticated ladies of the time.

Incredibly daring, cutting edge design Cadenas hours perfectly match the spirit of the 1930s.

Bends fastening ring shaped harmoniously combined with straight lines the housing.

In 2015, the House of Van Cleef & Arpels is a new treasure in the collection of Cadenas hours – a genuine gem among its jewels.

Due to its unique design Cadenas steel watch one of the most valuable creations of the House.

This incredibly feminine model is worn as a bracelet.

Precious versions Cadenas sparkle like diamonds.

The expressiveness of this model is ideally suited to the latest fashion trends.

In 2015, the classic model will appear in updated form: changes affected the design of the dial, the location of the stones and fasteners.

In the earliest version of the dial has been designed so that the owner of the watch can look at it imperceptibly, without breaking the rules of etiquette of the time.

The new model is presented oversized dial with 12 hour markers which provides an easy readout, but, as in the original model, it is positioned at an angle.

These luxury watches decorated with sparkling snow pavé of diamonds.

With two ceramic beads inside zipper fastening hours has become more reliable.

On the inner side of the polished buckles can be made invisible to the unaccustomed eye personalized engraving.

House Van Cleef & Arpels to announce the revival of one of its most precious jewelry creations.

Legendary jewelry watches have slightly increased in size and, according to the case can be decorated with white diamonds: color DE for cutting stones princess and DEF for round-cut diamonds.

And in the XXI century Cadenas watches retain their unique appearance.

Alligator leather strap and gold bracelets added novelty of the classic version.

Instantly recognizable design interpreted in several different versions, revealing the many facets of a single expressive character.

The new models from the collection of Cadenas watch equipped with a quartz movement.

Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs – volume miniature sculpture on mother of pearl Watch the Charms, the first version of which was created in 2008 – one of the masterpieces of the legendary watchmakers House of Van Cleef & Arpels.

Housing with concise design is made in the traditionally elegant and feminine fashion houses.

On the side of the housing arranged suspension mascot that playful rotates at every hand movement.

On the dials of the new models of collection bloom sparkling bouquets expressing the power of loving feelings, and the suspension is in the form of a flower.

Buttercups, daffodils, crocus, forget-me, lilac and erysimum cheiri fill Charms collection spring poetry, talking about the origin and history of love.

Registration of three new models shows the highest level of skill Jewelers House.

Grace novelties stresses precious stones, selected according to the highest standards of purity.

Flowers on the watch collection – is expressive characters.

The buds on the dials speak about hope, love and desire.

Pendants flowers unfurl the petals of the gems.

The collection uses stones delicate shades: they blend in with the color of diamonds and bezel give even more special.

Pearlescent dials decorated using various conventional techniques: it is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional miniature and enamel cabochonné.

Superimposing layers of enamel, the wizard creates the dial round embossed.

Depth unpolished material attached drawing extra volume and shine and creates a beautiful play of light.

Collection Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs released a numbered series.

It consists of three models, differing in size and the color of gold.

Each model tells its own story.

The bezel is decorated with precious stones, the shades of which are combined with the color of the clock.

The watch features two straps made of shiny alligator leather, which can be changed according to mood.

Design of the dial of the second image of a flower, engraved on the back cover of the case.

Charms Extraordinaire Espérance – the most miniature model collection with housing diameter 25 mm yellow gold seemed riddled sunlight.

Buttercup, executed in enamel cabochonné, epitomizes the beauty, the rose – the desire to find true love, and chickweed symbolizes the meeting at which the hope of love.

Narcissus, carved on mother of pearl dial, and then painted in yellow, looks surprisingly bulky.

Another example of a virtuoso of art masters – thumbnail Chickweed.

Ready face comes to life: it flowers bloom volume filled with unique elegance.

Bezel decorated with sapphires and yellow Spessartite, thereto is suspended in a mascot buttercup flower.

Flower petals and decorated with yellow sapphires and instead shines Spessartite pestle.

Engraved image of buttercup on the back side of the watch dial design makes the concept of a fully completed.

Watches Charms Extraordinaire Désir symbolize the desire to find love.

On their dial shows lilac personifying first love, and flowering crocus, in the technique of enamel cabochonné.

Ornate gold pestle formed by three yarns.

Lilac brush of pink sapphires and amethyst bloom against a background of pearl dial with sculptural miniature picture.

Suspension mascot also made in the form of a crocus, symbolizing happiness: spinning around the dial, it is beautiful shades of pink and purple sapphires on the bezel.

Charms Extraordinaire Amour.

Erysimum cheiri, forget-me-and cyclamen on the clock with a housing diameter of 38 mm rose gold symbolize the happy memories, beauty and long-lasting feelings.

Thanks to the skilful and delicate work of the master clock face looks incredibly expressive: it seems that the cyclamen started in the art of miniature painting at the sculpture mother of pearl, swaying, as if alive.

The sensation of motion and due to the enamel born cabochonné, used when image erysimum cheiri.

Bud cyclamen made of pyriform pink sapphire.

The flowers are framed by different shades of pink sapphires: they resonate with Spessartite and pink sapphires on the suspension in the form of a flower erysimum cheiri.

Poetic Complications In 2006, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the House of Van Cleef & Arpels introduced an innovative timepiece, poetically portrayed in harmony with the seasons over time.

Each model is filled with subtle originality that causes surprise and admiration.

Technical perfection of the mechanism is eclipsed by the magnificent picture of the eternal nature of its inexhaustible treasures.

Collection of Van Cleef & Arpels has replenished with two new models: they reflect the idea of ​​a permanent renewal of nature and in its entirety demonstrated the art of watchmaking.

New creations, decorated with images of ladybugs and birds of paradise, created to embody the emotions and moments of happiness that gives the river of time flowing from the past into the future.

These watches with the housing 38 mm white gold and decorated with round diamonds bezel equipped with a 24-hour movement that demonstrates the unique clock technology at home.

This mechanism is a masterpiece of technical skill: he moves almost imperceptibly every 24 hours.

On the dials of the two new models, luxuriously decorated in traditional techniques of decorating, depict ladybugs and a bird of paradise in a landscape, replacing each other according to the movement of the Sun and the Moon.

This animated world, time flows quietly.

Masters virtuosos create a magical scenery, outlined the contours of enamel techniques in champlevé and cloisonné.

Depending on the time of day, drive, made in enamel cloisonné, offers a look that day, the night landscape.

Lady Arpels Jour Nuit Coccinelles Among the inhabitants of the world Van Cleef & Arpels, you can often find ladybugs – the eternal symbol of good luck.

In the new creation the House they are depicted in the background of four-leaf clover flowers.

Sun and Moon accompany these tiny creatures in their poetic journey.

Small universe is driven by a mechanical movement with automatic winding.

During the day on the disc, in the technique of cloisonné enamel, you can see two little ladybugs.

At night, in the light of the moon twinkling with diamonds flower buds.

Lady Arpels Jour Nuit Oiseaux de Paradis Bird of paradise flower bent over, touching it with his long shining tail.

At nightfall, the flower fades, giving way to a brilliant moon.

The movement of the two stars is setting the pace at the time of execution of poetry landscape, shimmering in the starlight.

Day and night accompanied by the rotation of the 24-hour drive, decorated in enamel cloisonné.

Abstraction clock with detachable bracelets The watch design Abstraction design resembles the eponymous ring set up for the collection of fine jewelry Bals de Légende ™.

The basis of their visual concept is the Black and White Ball, hosted by Truman Capote in New York in 1966.

The combination of geometric lines and black-and-white palette emphasizes brevity forms.

Geometric Abstraction composition of unique watches from Van Cleef & Arpels is made up of a myriad of spinels and diamonds, white gold is born on the subtle play of lines and shapes.

Sophistication and style graphic quality underlined bold trio of diamonds of different cut, reflecting the love of the House to the asymmetry.

Watch the Abstraction, created in the style of transformable home decoration, consists of three magnetic bracelets.

They can be worn both separately and in various combinations.

In the first place belongs bracelet central DIF 2A rare quality diamond weighing 12.

03 carats.

Thanks to its clean and cut a cushion it looks incredibly elegant.

The second bracelet fitted dial white pearl.

Housed under a portrait diamond-cut dial driven by a tiny mechanical movement.

Third bracelet with diamonds DIF 2A weighing 11.

20 carats: the beauty of its emerald-cut and clean luster decoration gives a unique charm.

Diamonds are effectively set off by a black spinel (historical batch of 1925), which emphasizes the originality of this unique watch.

Hours À Cheval Designers Van Cleef & Arpels to create a high jewelry watches À Cheval, making the main emphasis on the natural beauty of diamonds.

This model, manufactured jewelers turned to the technology used in 1981 to set À Cheval, – the true embodiment of refined feminine beauty.

Masters used unusual tack method, where the stones are superposed on each other.

With this bracelet watch À Cheval, covering the wrist, has exceptional flexibility resembling diamond thin trickle.

This sophisticated jewelery techniques bulk tack allows us to emphasize the dazzling radiance of diamonds.

Central to the design of jewelry watches À Cheval take white diamonds – a symbol of purity and eternal love.

Glow and glitter stones reflected in precious platinum rim.

This model with a bezel adorned with round diamonds, is equipped with a quartz movement.

Diamonds shine on the dial and white gold.

The clasp is connected to the bracelet with the help of fine bindings in a horseshoe shape, symbolizing good luck.

Bracelet Watch Carpe Koï Taking the design of the ring Carpes Koï collection of fine jewelry Palais de la chance ™, jewelers created a bracelet watch Carpe Koï.

This model celebrates the theme of perpetual motion in nature, which can be traced back as early as the earliest creations of the House.

Paying tribute to the culture of Japan, Van Cleef & Arpels is a clock in the shape of carp – orange fish, the symbol of love and peace.

Bright carp can often be found in Japanese gardens of stones: he brings to them the atmosphere even more wisdom and serenity.

This fish is able to swim against the current, so it also symbolizes strength and courage.

The watch-bracelet Carpe Koï embodied all the masterly art of the masters Mains d’Or ™ ( «Golden Hands).

For the production of this unique product, decorated with colored stones 8000, it took 3450 hours of painstaking work.

Hours vary extraordinary variety of gemstones, carefully selected by experts Van Cleef & Arpels to the highest quality standards.

On the fish’s body, made of yellow gold and yellow sapphires sparkle and Spessartite, forming an amazing gradation tsveta.

Golubye curls of white diamonds and tourmalines like Paraiba, reminiscent of the calm and serene life in the depths of the waters.

Bracelet covering the wrist, like a protective talisman can be undone by pressing the tail carp.

Extremely sophisticated nature of these jewelry watches highlights elegant detail: the fish’s mouth delicately revealed and gaze appears studded with precious stones dial.

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