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The independent organization Climatepartner, the leading world expert in combating climate changes, officially recognized ORIS by a company that did not have a negative impact on the climate.

It is important to clarify that this status can only be obtained if the emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced in its pure form.

ORIS received a certificate confirming that, thanks to the support of the Clean Ocean project, which prevented about a billion plastic bottles from entering the ocean, the company compensates for more than 2500 tons of CO2: 10 kg of plastic waste accounts for each compensated ton of carbon.

In addition, in his headquarters in Hulstein, ORIS sets solar panels that will produce 60% of electricity, and calls for all suppliers and partners to follow their example and improve the methods of sustainable development of their enterprises.

Obtaining the status of a climatically neutral company has become the main mission of this year for ORIS.

An important role in achieving this goal was played by Rolf Studer, CEO of ORIS: “Mechanical watches practically do not affect the environment, since they are designed for a long service life.

But this is not enough.

As a company, we must be sure that what we do has not only a neutral, but also a positive impact on the environment.

We believe that this is quite feasible, and we will continue to lead the initiative of Change for the Better in the Swiss hourly production.

” ORIS watch: Oris 743-7734-41-87-Set 285 610 p ORIS 798-7754-41-75MB 298 480 p

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