Watch Astar from the architect Rino Broadbeck

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ASTAR watch from the architect Rino Broadbeck
New look at the movement of three planets
Under the name ASTAR released 15 copies of the watches created by the Swiss architect Rino Broadbeck. Rino used the model as a platform for expressing his vision of the movement of the sun, earth and Venus. On the dial layout planets replaced traditional watch arrows. When creating a dial used white gold (for a clock disk), silver (for a minute disk) and diamonds (for seconds). Watch was made by Wianne Chalter Janvier SA in the Swiss city of Saint Cru. The diameter of the steel case is 40 mm, the height is 10.5 mm.
The model is equipped with an automatic caliber based on ETA. The stroke reserve is 46 hours. Only 14 copies will fall into the hands of collectors, the clock at number 11 has already become part of the collection of the Geneva Hour Museum.

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