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“Arachnofobia” from MB & F
MB & F has released ARACHNOPHOBIA clock, inspired by spiders frightening and perfectly. The idea of ​​creating an ARACHNOPHOBIA watches inspired by a giant Maman sculpture (FR. “Mom”), which the Bussier saw in Geneva and Doha. This sculpture of impressive sizes (9.27 x 8.91 x 10.24 meters) from bronze, marble and stainless steel, made by Louise Bourgeois (1911 – 2010), travels around the world. The model, developed and designed by MB & F specialists, is made on manufactory L’Epée 1839.Tehhenism desktop clocks L’Epée was recycled in such a way as to remind the head and abdomen of spider. On the black body of the cast-shaped form, a white markup of clocks and minutes has been made.
At one end, the “abdomen” serving to display the time is the head in which the stroke controller is located with the oscillating balance wheel. Eight segic feet are attached to the abdomen on hinge fasteners. At the other end there is a clockwork drum, the energy of which leads to a movement mechanism with an eight-day stroke. Feet can be deployed to put ARACHNOPHOBIA on the table or, on the contrary, pull it out if the clock is designed for the wall. Front legs are also drawn forward, while six others remain in a standing position – so that the spider is measured in the threatening rack.
ARACHNOPHOBIA model is represented in two color versions: black and coated from 18-carat yellow gold. Sizes of spider 203 mm in height (with a support on the feet); the diameter of the clock is 405 mm (with elongated legs); Sizes of the mechanism 75.3 x 134.9 x 63.8 mm. The weight of the model is 1.96 kg in the version with a gold coating, 0.98 kg in black version.

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