Apple introduced Apple Watch watches

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Apple introduced Apple Watch watches
The model is released in three versions of steel, aluminum and gold
Yesterday, Apple introduced the long-awaited clock Apple Watch. The clock is presented in two sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm and three versions: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch. Steel and aluminum are used to create the case, and yellow and rose gold. No less diversity is distinguished by the bracelet line: the housing can be fixed on the steel bracelet with a “butterfly” clasp, a sports or leather belt or equipped with a bracelet, outlined in Milan Weaving technique.
The Apple Watch collection includes clocks in steel housings: in polished steel or steel with a black DLC coating. The screen protects the sapphire glass. Among the selection of leather belts for this version of the clock: The brown belt Granada, supplied by the French company operating with the skin since 1803; Gray belt from Danish Ecco, as well as belts from Venetian leather stone, light brown or light blue shade.
Apple Watch Sport clock is made of a specially designed aluminum alloy, the weight of the models is 30% less than the weight of their “colleagues” from the “ordinary” series of Apple Watch. Supplements the body aluminosilicate glass and a sports strap from fluoroelastomer. Present pink, blue and white strap options.
Finally, the Edition collection in golden buildings is suitable for luxury connoisseurs.
Among Apple clock functions: Automatic time setting in GPS, the ability to choose from a variety of dial design options, access to the cards using a wheel that resembles a clockwork, access to the list of friends when you press the button next to the wheel, the ability to send messages (including, Using dictation), call reception function and mail. In addition, the Apple Watch owner can draw on the screen, as well as to use the multitude of fitness-related functions (with the setting and recording of the results of workouts), calendar, timer, alarm clock, access to Apple TV and iTunes, to the iPhone camera. Of course, the clock makes it possible to learn about the weather, communicate with Siri, watch photos and others. Among the unique features there is an opportunity to send your heartbeat to a friend (his clock will vibrate in the beat), and to remove the screen lock and look at time enough to raise your hand. Announced cost of hours – 349 dollars.

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