And for the third!

And for the third!
Watches, which is present in the design range of colored gemstones to create a rainbow effect, in recent years have been low-key trend.

Most of the brands used for this purpose sapphires.

Sapphires are often used as a complement to amethyst, tsavorite or other colored gemstones.

At the mention of sapphires, many people are just a jewel blue tsveta.

Odnako main feature sapphire – rich colors.

Due to this property sapphire played an important role in many hours to create a rainbow effect.

Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Rainbow Sapphires Jacob & Co as a background color for Astronomia used sapphires baguette posted continuous flooring.

The result is impressive.

Due to the fact that precious stones arranged in several rows, Jacob & Co even allowed to change color at different speeds.

This reinforces the rainbow effect and moves the clock to a new level of admiration.

Such skills – quite a feat, as this watch model is impressive and complications.

Rolex Daytona Rainbow Rolex Daytona for this bezel is adorned with colored sapphires baguette and compared them hour markers.

So charming it looks, combined with a splendid view of gold Everose, Rolex is used for the case and bracelet.

Rolex special form of housing stressed laying on the edges of the bracelet securing and protecting the crown colorless round diamonds.

Although from the tachymeter scale on the bezel had to be abandoned, the dial remains fully functional.

As a result, Daytona Rainbow not only look great, but also practical to use.

Rolex Day-Date Rainbow Daytona – not the only watch that Rolex offers versions of Rainbow.

Day-Date model also received this colorful finish.

Here, Rolex opted for a more subtle approach.

Bezel, dial and bracelet lined mid-level of the colorless diamonds pavé-cut.

This approach highlights the rainbow effect on this watch.

To create a rainbow in the Rolex was only ten hour markers, which become colored gemstones baguette.

Using sophisticated color stones – the main achievement of the brand.

Rolex cleverly used the day of the week window for 12 hours to separate the sapphire blue of the ruby.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Rainbow King Gold Another addition to Rolex brand prefers to combine pink gold with colored gemstones.

Hublot for the Big Bang Unico Rainbow chose alloy King Gold.

In this comparison ends.

Hublot to create a rainbow effect instead of diamonds used a mixture of colored gemstones and baguette-cut diamonds.

On the dial colored stones used in the hour markers and Arabic numerals for the allocation of additional dials.

Hublot even alligator strap gave a rosy processing.

The result is a watch with an entertaining piece, created with such passion and concern that it has become the benchmark for this type of watch.

Hublot Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold This year, Hublot presented a model of Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold.

Notable in this watch is a pavé of colored gemstones round diamonds on the dial, which is surrounded by a bezel with colored stones baguette.

The remaining portion of the housing cover precious stones set in the art snow-setting.

This adds a lovely contrast to the clock and makes the rainbow effect is even stronger.

Alligator strap, got the same treatment rosy as Big Bang Unico Rainbow.

In addition, this model is equipped with a strap mechanism by which a single click, you can replace it with another.

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