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Clock Alpina Alpiner 4 Chronograph
At the beginning of this summer, the courage of the Borego Coyar and Vincenne Koyar completed the second stage of its grandiose project Ice Legacy to study the sources of drinking water on the planet. They crossed the Glacier of the National Reserve Tongass on Alaska. For the second year, the antimagnetic chronograph Alpiner 4 is the right assistant Borge.
In June last year, an Ice Legacy expedition was launched from the new land, organized by two researchers: the conqueror of both poles by Norwegian Borg Goreland and French Venusan Kollar. Its goal is to report on the state of the 20 most famous glaciers of the world, the most important sources of drinking water on the planet.
The Alpina Geneva Highway Manufactory made a technical sponsor of this scientific mission, releaseing a special collection Alpiner 4. and by name and in characteristics it is the heiress of the legendary model Alpina 4 released in 1938. Then the clock has collected the most advanced characteristics for its time: antimagneticity, waterproof, shockproof protection and cast steel case.
Now, in the new millennium “Four” returned. The new lineup Alpiner 4 presents the two most actual functions: an automatic chronograph and model with GMT. The chronograph in the steel housing is 44 mm is equipped with a modern, but already well-known caliber Al-860, and its bridges are covered with carbon composition to protect from the effects of magnetic fields in accordance with ISO764. The case is waterproof up to 100 meters, and rotating 360 per rant is supplemented with a solar compass. Last year, Boreg Usland was held at these clocks the Svalbard glacier, and quite recently, in 30 days she crossed the 700-kilometer Ice Reserve Tongass in Alaska, the largest in the North American continent, and part of the path researchers spent in Kayyaki in ice water.
Guido Benedini, Managing Director Alpina:
“Supporting the undertaking of Borg and Wensena, we participate in the preservation of the future planet. And therefore, our manufactory is also constantly improving and offers scientists new inventions. Model Alpina Alpiner 4 Chronograph In an anti-magnetic hermetic case, the second year is reliably served in the most extreme conditions, and now Alpina Horological SmartWatch technology will also join the research program.
Alpina Alpiner 4 Chronograph
Ref.: AL-860B5AQ6B
Case: 44 mm, steel, sapphire glass with anti-glare coating, rear engraving cover, rotating for a full turn of 3600 raw with a 24-hour markup and a solar compass, anti-magnetic protection up to 4800 cars, WR 100 meters
Mechanism: Automatic caliber AL-860, Balance frequency 28,800 pcs / hour, stroke stock 36 hours
Functions: Clock, Minutes, Side Street Arrow, Central Arrow Chronograph, 30-minute meter
Dial: Black, Overhead Indices, Nickel Arrows with Luminescent Coating
Bracelet: steel or from
Black crocodile leather
Price: 164 830 rub.

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