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Seiko SSA347J1 Casio EFS-S580D-1AVUEF Oris 751-7761-40-65FC Ball Ball NM1080C-L14A-BK Cuervo Y Sobrinos 3112.

1MB We live in an interesting time.

It is interesting and probably turning in all respects, but it is especially noticeable in the disappearance of the old, familiar items of everyday life and the emergence of new, previously unprecedented.

The phrase, which has become a meme: “Come into the forest – call me” – perfectly illustrates the novelty .



However, such processes and phenomena are characteristic not only for the current era.

Let us recall the famous Marshak poem “Yesterday and Today” about obsolete objects: Kerosene lamp, STARIN candle, Rocks with a bucket And an inkwell with a pen.

However, we are about our modernity and, most importantly, about wristwatch.

It would seem – why are they today? Everyone now has a mobile phone, of course, the clock, too, and with a mass of functions: current time (very accurate), alarm clock, switching to any time zone, measurement of time intervals (i.


the function of the chronograph), the reverse timers reference, etc.


Well, the wristwatch has gone the past? But not! Maybe this is paradoxical, but the fact is a fact: the clock is quite alive and relevant.

In part, the fact is that they create or at least complement the image of a person, being an accessory in this sense.

But from a purely utilitarian point of view-alive-living, how! And now, suppose, an important point has come for you: you came to the fact that something is missing on your wrist.

“Something” is cunning, there is not enough watch, of course.

You try to decide – and which ones? And you find that the choice is incredibly wide, the eyes run up.

Where to start? What type of watch, which brand, which model to give preference as your first wristwells? Well, let’s try to systematize a little.

Price: Take expensive or not? Still, for starters, probably not very.

We do not advocate for very cheap ones, not at all; But some caution will be appropriate.

You are not an expert yet, and there is no experience yet – what if the clock will not appeal to you? This happens, the matter is tasteful, but it is worth risking extra expenses? Of course, for everyone, the concept of high cost, but somewhat averaging, would recommend in your debut not to go beyond, say, 150 thousand rubles: this is about $ 2,000, conditionally – the upper boundary of the Accessible Luxury segment, i.


affordable luxury.

Higher already (also, of course, conditionally) luxury as such.

Let’s leave it for the future.

Gold? Not! We do not recommend immediately turning to gold.

Of course, the clock of it is truly beautiful, and prestigious, but still-here we are guided by the same principle of caution when choosing-it makes sense to start our watch career from stainless steel hours.

Incidentally, there are completely exclusive and expensive models of the clock from it, but also in the price range with which we determined above, this is the main material.

Except for high -tech composites, but let’s talk about them a little later.

Steel is always an unmistakable choice, and in trend it is also always.

Mechanics or quartz? The watch world is very specific.

Judge for yourself: the electronic clock has the highest accuracy (a maximum of a few seconds per month, this provides a quartz crystal vibrating with a frequency of 32,768 hertz) and a huge autonomy (you just need to change the battery once every few years).

And the clock on clean mechanics walk with accuracy in a few seconds, but per day (the fluctuations frequency of the regulatory organ is about 10 thousand times lower), the factory requires, if not daily, then a little less often.

Nevertheless, the mechanics are much more prestigious! The thing is that she, an hourly micromechanic, is not just a technique, she is also art.

Imagine dozens, or even hundreds of the smallest details – wheels, springs, cogs – work in a well -cooked ensemble! How much skill and talent is invested in this miracle! But also decoration: the mechanisms of good hours (and we only need good ones) are always finely decorated.

One awareness of what you have on your hand can warm your heart.

Plus, the back cover of the case is often made transparent, so that if you wish, you can admire the work of the “engine” – a separate pleasure! And for an ordinary life, in which there are no super-requirements, the mechanical watch is absolutely suitable! Nevertheless, we do not insist, because the quartz clocks are also very, very good, they can also delight you.

A little later we will illustrate with examples.

What country? If you ask the average person with which country of the world he associates the very concept of “watch”, then the answer will be: Switzerland.

This is largely true, the marking “Swiss Made” on the dial is almost equivalent to the quality sign.

However, it so happened that this marking itself warms up the price of the product (like a three -beam Mercedes star), and not always, if you look objectively, with the proper basis.

Not excluding Swiss products, we would advise the debutants to pay attention to Japan.

Perfectionism (almost fanatic) inherent in masters from the country of the rising sun, applies to the clock, both electronic and mechanical, and the price level is noticeably lower.

Examples – again below.

And most importantly: why?! Perhaps this is really the main question.

So why do you need watch? How are you going to use them? Will you wear constantly, in daily mode? Then it is better to choose strict design and versatility in moderation, and in relation to functions – to limit yourself to classics: three arrows and, perhaps, a date, this is more than enough.

Or do you need a watch for special occasions, as they say, to exit? To attract even more attention? In this case, everything remains strictly with the functionality, but the design must be sought in something unusual, the good of the proposals cannot be counted.

Or, finally, do you mainly lead a sports lifestyle, or even your extreme? Then, of course, we will look for from the corresponding categories, preferring something multifunctional and brutal.

And now – a few promised examples.

Seiko SSA347J1 Seiko SSA347J1 59 800 p Mechanics, with auto -back, a margin of 41 hours.

The model, of course, of high quality and classical universal nature, is suitable for every day.

The body and bracelet made of stainless steel, the diameter of the case is 40.

5 mm.

There is no need to talk about gesture, since there are also “highlights”: a blue dial protected by the Hardlex high -strengthed firmness with a branded glass is very beautifully trimmed (“Sun rays” decor), the date is not displayed in a completely standard way – the arrow in the “6 hours” position, there is Also, the indicator of the margin, this is useful.

The price is even good – just above 50 thousand rubles.

We also note that the beautiful and high -quality mechanics in classical design (as well as quartz) and at pleasant prices offers not only SEIKO, but also other respectable companies that historically make up the Japanese “big three” – this, except for Seiko, is also Orient and either SEIKO.


All of them have a rather rich selection of models of a more sports style, namely diver, including professional ones, some of them are equipped with additional functions.

Casio EFS-S580D-1AVUEF Casio EFS-S580D-1AVUEF 23 990 p Edifice, highlighted by the Japanese casio giant in, as it were, a separate brand, is positioned primarily as a motorsport.

In particular, he is the official chronometrist of the Scuderia Alphatauri team Formula 1 and the only one among all its “colleagues” in this capacity – quartz.

This model, in a large (46.

3 mm), but rather thin (12 mm) steel case and on a steel bracelet, is quite sports, while remaining suitable for everyday wearing.

The pronounced “citizen” with powerful energy.

The clock does not just work on a quartz – the mechanism is powered by a solar battery.

The dial covered with sapphire glass is made of carbonate with its specific wicker pattern.

And in terms of functionality, this is a chronograph, also equipped with a 24-hour subciatric and battery charge indicator.

Water resistance up to 100 m, luminous arrows and time tags – everything is as it should! And the price is only about 18 thousand rubles.

Speaking of Casio, one cannot help but mention their other brand-the glorified G-Shock, almost “indestructible” watches.

Here, basically, a completely sports style dominates, reinforced plastic is used as the material, and the indication is digital.

Although in the extensive collection there are models with arrows, and steel, and carbon, and even from exotic materials.

But that is another topic.

Oris 751-7761-40-65FC Oris 751-7761-40-65FC 175 890 p We can’t do without Switzerland in the review.

And ORIS is a Swiss watch company, which is firmly included in the “upper league” of world watch art.

One of the main historical specializations of the brand is an aircraft clock, and the model we have chosen is also a typical “pilot”.

The universal style here is complemented by the extremely clear readiness of the indications, the use of Superluminova fluorescent composition on arrows and tags, a large date window, as well as a large groovy head, which is convenient to operate even in gloves.

The non-steel 41 mm of the case is elegantly rifle, the sapphire glass is almost impossible to scratch (only with diamond), the tissue (on the leather lining) strap is exemplary ergonomic.

Of course, a mechanic with an auto -back; Traveling 38 hours.

The price goes beyond the limits that we indicated at the very beginning of the review, but completely not much: it does not exceed 160 thousand rubles.

Ball Ball NM1080C-L14A-BK Ball NM1080C-L14A-BK 199 080 p Initially, Ball was American and specialized in high -precision at that time (late XIX and the first half of the twentieth century) hours for railways.

Now it has long been Swiss, railway specificity has been preserved in most collections, but now we have a watch, like the previous ones, pilot ones.

Well, we will be accurate: today it is a watch in the pilot style, and really aviators have long been using a different nature equipment .



However, the image is an image! And by choosing these watches, you can organically use them daily and surprise the model surrounding with the features: there is little over-estimate and super-circular indication: a branded Trigalight technology of the brand is also used-the dial illumination using a microtubpan filled with gas tritium.

In this model, such tubes are already 66, and their greenish glow looks truly bewitching in the dark.

A mechanism with a car poll, a supply of 38 hours, a steel case (46 mm), sapphire glass, a leather strap – and everything is in the range of 140 thousand rubles.

All previous examples were nominally, a watch for men.

Today, in the era of gender equality, this is somewhat conditionally, but nevertheless we will complete the review by a purely female model, and looking as a full-fledged accessory “to the exit” (while remaining a full-fledged device for measuring time).

Cuervo Y Sobrinos 3112.

1MB Cuervo Y Sobrinos 3112.

1MB 186 670 p The Swiss brand with Cuban roots is typical of the Caribbean design, and this model is no exception.

It is difficult to tear yourself away from the contemplation of the pearl overflows (the dial is made from it), and after all the original form time marks .



Well, the arrows, of course .



only hourly and minute .



and a couple of inscriptions – the name of the brand and the cult “habana” .



And that’s it, but more, in fact, nothing is needed! Sapphire glass, steel body (diameter 34 mm, thickness of only 7.

1 mm), a alligator leather strap, inside – a Swiss quartz mechanism.

More than worthy, and, as above, about 140 thousand rubles.

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