About three 80,000 watch recommend the high degree of recognition

They sparkle, shine, shine, shine and are the subject of countless stories, movies and legends.

Rihanna landed with Diamonds one of their most successful hits of all time, John Ronald R.

Tolkien describes in his book “The Hobbit” to almost 400 pages, the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and his friends, the only aims to recapture a diamond.

But they are even willing to fight a fire-breathing dragon.

However, beyond the fantasy worlds diamonds draw people magically captivated and arouse desires.

Whether as a ruby, sapphire or in their conventional transparent form, the sparkling stones are one of the few ways to refine a luxury watch.

This principle also have several manufacturers of precious timepieces made to Use and further refined their already fine art.

Rolex Daytona Zenith Custom Saco Leopard Diamond Sapphire In this model, it’s definitely one of the more unusual creations of the famous and prestigious brand.

The dial is reminiscent of the mottled pattern of a leopard fur and is the graceful animal else into nothing after.

The entire cast is Diamond Custom Made and was not used by Rolex itself.

The clock is basically composed of 18kt yellow gold and has been added on the bezel 36 sapphire baguettes in cognac.

The lugs are set with 48 diamonds in fine white with (very) very small inclusions and an excellent fit for Rolex leather strap with leopard print.

Rolex Datejust Medium Steel White Gold Diamond With this work, Rolex has definitely created a watch that guarantees every draws attention to itself and not only extremely refined, but also the demands of its wearer to perfection in perfection personified.

The dark blue dial with dark Roman numerals Stainless steel seems almost majestically through the contrast with the bright, consisting of white gold and set with 46 diamonds bezel.

The visual highlight, the Roman numeral VI diamond at 6 o’clock completes the overall picture skillfully.

Frederique Constant Ladies Diamond Steel Also Frederique Constant proves stylish dealing with rhinestones.

The chocolate brown dial with 8 diamond hour markers attached color fits together perfectly.

Which also diamond-studded bezel sets the style of the watch continues seamlessly and even the chocolate brown strap completes this look.

Special attention aroused especially the heart decor on the 12 o’clock position.

Through the interplay of chocolate brown and bright diamonds produced as a watch that can be more than excellent and forms with the heart decor probably the perfect gift for love occasions like the Valentins- or anniversary.

Hublot Big Bang Chronograph Rose Gold Diamond Jeans Large watchmaking also comes from Hublot.

This brand has not only for its diamond occupation, but also because of the “Jeans motif”.

The bracelet and dial are decorated in blue denim look and perfectly complement the roségoldfarbene housing.

this combination is complemented by the set with 36 diamonds bezel.

Furthermore, the dial is provided with 8 diamond hour markers attached and has the pink gold, Arabic numeral 12 is a component that fits perfectly into the appearance of the watch.

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