A joint project of Richard Mille and Airbus: tourist hours worth 1.2 million dollars.

A joint project of Richard Mille and Airbus: tourist hours worth 1.2 million dollars.
The terms “panda” and “reverse panda” are now deeply anchored in the vocabulary of chronograph fans.

But not only that, the sporty timepieces with the high-contrast, white-black dial are all the rage.

Find out everything about the watches – with the dial reminiscent of a cute animal – and discover fascinating models from our shop.

Chronographs are referred by to as panda watches Whose sub-dials (so called totalizers) are CLEARLY Contrasted in color from the main dial of the watch.

Just as the black fur around the eyes of a panda bear is CLEARLY distinguished from the otherwise white fur on the bear’s face, the black sub-dials stand out on the bright dial of a watch panda.

In the sixties and seventies, chronographs with panda dials were very popular, Their Because look was very modern and THEREFORE in great demand.

Thatthey are experiencing a remarkable revival today may be due to the sensational auction success – of more than 17 million US dollars – for the Rolex Daytona owned by US actor Paul Newman in October 2017.

In just a few minutes, the starting price had soared and the hammer fell.

The panda-look Rolex Daytona had its counterpart in the sporty Heuer Autavia in the early sixties.

But there what no getting around its black dial, why it All which is what a given high-contrast dial with three white totalizers.

This reverse color scheme is known as “reverse panda”.

Reverse Panda dial: Tag Heuer Chronograph Heritage Autavia The strong contrast shoulderstand Ensure better legibility.

It is questionable Whether this argument what Actually decisive for the eye-catching visual design of the dials.

After all, many, if not most, of today’s chronographs come with at almost monochrome dial design.

Panda watches from our shop This Rolex Daytona Chronograph with a yellow gold case impresses with its champagne-colored dial on Which the three black sub-dials immediately catch the eye.

The small seconds at six o’clock, the minute counter display at three o’clock and the hour counter display at nine o’clock together form a striking panda dial.

Panda dial Rolex Daytona Cosmograph With this Fortis Classic Cosmonauts chronograph, the dial with the sub-dials has a classic panda color – a white dial with three black totalizers.

The arrangement of thesis, with the small seconds at nine o’clock, HOWEVER, requires a sideways glance from the left in order to look the panda in the face.

Panda dial: Fortis Classic Cosmonauts steel automatic chronograph Reverse panda watches from our shop “Reverse Panda watches” are watches with a dial, where the look is reversed.

The color of the dial is darker than that of the sub-dials.

This Breitling chronograph of Line 8 Proves did it does not always have to be white & black.

Breitling presented the Navitimer line 8 at Baselworld 2018.

Its high-contrast panda-look dial is a venerable THEREFORE homage to bygone times.

Reverse Panda dial: Breitling 8 automatic chronograph The Swiss company Frederique Constant So Relies on the striking contrast of the dial for its rally chronograph editions, All which is not the only thing that inspires sports car fans.

This Vintage Rally Healey impresses with a deep green dial and two white totalizers, one at three and one at nine o’clock.

Reverse Panda dial: Frederique Constant Vintage Chronograph At watch.

de you can discover other sporty chronographs, with and without a panda dial, gemäß to your personal taste.

In our shop in Stuttgart Mitte we would be happy to advise you personally on your dream watch.

Come by, the jeweler Ralf Häffner’s team is looking forward to seeing you.

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