“A clock is a good contribution of money and a cool gift”: an interview with a stylist and fashionable influons Katya Katkovo

Original gift for a teenage sister Original gifts for adult sister Gift ideas for a cousin Gifts for 45 years Gifts for 55 years How to choose a gift Which is better not to give To give a sister for a birthday an unusual gift, you need to know her tastes well.

The category of creative gifts includes travels, tickets for a concert or a performance, certificates for participation in the master class.

You can also give your sister a beautiful jewelry with a name engraving, or branded clock.

Original gift for a teenage sister The ideas of original gifts for a birthday sister are focused on girls 12-16 years old.

You can give a sister: “Fried ice.

” This is a device for instant freezing desserts.

Give it if your sister is a sweet-tooth aesthetic; Night-tetris.

The product is interesting in that it is assembled in various combinations and does not bother; Selfie rings.

Such a gift will be by the way if your sister is a blog on Instagram; TRANSMENCEMEMENT SUMPLE.

This is a great option for a young girl who travels a lot; Table dresser for jewelry.

A good gift option for a minimalism of minimalism.

A miniature chest of drawers can become not only a place where small jewelry can be stored, but also an interesting element of decor; Electronic notebook.

If the girl loves gadgets, such a gift will definitely be to her liking; niche perfumes.

Young girls are suitable for delicate and light aromas; digital backlight for bicycle wheels.

If your sister loves to be in the spotlight; chocolate fountain.

This is a gorgeous gift for a girl who loves sweets.

Original gifts for adult sister If your sister is married, or lives separately, give her a set of bedding with an unusual (optionally bright) print.

If you want to please the birthday girl with a more personal gift, give her high -quality perfume, jewelry, or a certificate in a jewelry/perfume store.

Swarovski 5618303 12 500 p Sokolov 83050022_S 2 060 p DEWI 90104188-DV 3 080 p Ideas of original gifts to a pregnant sister on DR: Eco-cosmetics for the face and body.

The composition of the products should not be preservatives, parabens and dyes; Beautiful and comfortable homemade clothes (costumes, robes).

You should choose things made of natural fabrics and take into account that during pregnancy a woman gains weight greatly; Jewelry decoration.

Consider the age and tastes of the sister.

You can give her a bracelet, earrings, suspension or jewelry; Milk snood for feeding.

The cape covers the chest and allows you to feed the baby anywhere; The thematic party-surge.

If your sister loves parties, she will definitely like this gift; A certificate for a photo shoot.

It is advisable to present it until 30-32 weeks; high -quality (preferably mirror) camera; Video.

Thanks to this gift, your sister will be able to calmly deal with her business, and at the same time watching the child from the next room.

Choose the most modern model that can be connected to a smartphone; Tickets for a concert or the theater.

Be sure to choose sitting places; Certificate for visiting a beauty or spa salon.

Gift ideas for a cousin Choose a gift taking into account your relationship with your sister and take into account its tastes.

An adult living separately, you can give household appliances, textiles, dishes.

A creative gift for a birthday sister can be a nominal flash card, a convenient organizer for shoes, a fur chair, an inflatable sofa, and an electric heater, stylized as an old fireplace.

If you are not close enough with your sister, give her a universal gift.

You can give her: thermal circle; A pillow under the neck.

If the sister is a motorist and often makes long trips, she will definitely like such a gift; culinary book with interesting, unusual recipes; a nominal apron (a funny inscription may also be on it); breakfast stand; certificate for sewing clothes; Photo album.

A good gift will be a handmade product made in the scrapbooking style.

If the budget is limited, give a high -quality toaster, pancake or waffle to a cousin.

Gifts for 45 years Classic gifts: Jewelry.

If you are sure that you are well oriented in the tastes of your sister, give her a necklace, bracelet, ring or graceful earrings made of noble metal.

It is best to give personal jewelry with engraving; Pokrovsky 2910201-00245 6 860 p Aquamarine 48105-S-G-A 1 510 p SKLV 94013247_S 4 150 p gadgets; Brand pen in a beautiful case.

This is a wonderful gift for a woman leader, or for a person who successfully makes a career in a good company; Service (coffee, tea, table).

Additionally, give a set with elite tea (it is desirable that tea is from different countries) or with coffee; Gift certificate in the clothing store/cosmetics/perfume; office chair repeating the geometry of the body; beautiful dishes and cutlery; Sets of pots and pans.

If the sister likes to keep the household, this will be a great gift for her; Lamp (table lamp, sconces, nightlight).

Choose the products so that they fit into the interior and revive the design of the room; air ionizer; A picture of flowers.

It is not customary to give money for 45 years.

But if you know for sure that your sister does not have a certain amount, you can deviate from this rule.

You can give money in a ceramic pot, or in the original box.

Several ideas for unusual gifts to a birthday sister (45 years): decor items made in retro-style (phone, music center); massage chair; designer watches (floor, table); interior dishes (painted ceramics, a set for the preparation of land); Photoshoot in an interesting place.

If you are very close, go to the photo shoot together; home fountain (depending on the size of the apartment in which the sister lives, it can be floor or desktop); an icon or a picture of a beloved artist; Biofamin; A ticket to the sanatorium.

Focus on your sister’s tastes.

Do not give her a ticket to the sea if she does not like beach holidays: in this case, give her a vacation in the mountains, or in the forest; Portrait of a sister, decorated in a beautiful frame.

A rather original gift will be a portrait made in an old style.

A reading person will be happy with the complete collected works of a beloved writer, or an author, whose work has long wanted to get to know each other.

If the sister speaks perfectly in foreign languages, order her a book that she would like to read on the Amazon.

Gifts for 55 years At this age, a person already has established life principles and tastes.

The gift should be traditional, memorable and valuable.

Ideas of original gifts for a birthday sister (55 years): Subscription in a massage salon/in spa; Subscription to the pool/on yoga/for dancing.

This is a good option if your sister always dreamed of this, but she did not have the opportunity to attend such classes; Video.

It can be both game or animation.

If the sister has a good sense of humor, you can give her a funny congratulatory video; tea ceremony.

A great option for a woman loving tea drinking and exotic; certificate for visiting master classes or training courses; A subscription to attend performances throughout the season.

You can also give a ticket to the theater/opera/for a concert of your favorite artist; Horse walk.

If you are constrained in the means, and you cannot make an expensive gift, organize a picnic in nature.

If your sister loves life and is always open to everything new, give her new emotions.

It can be a visit to a rink or quest rooms.

If a relative loves extreme, give her the opportunity to jump with a parachute, dive with an aqualanga, or fly on a deltage.

How to choose a gift Consider the age of the hero of the occasion.

Do not give a young girl massive jewelry, no matter how expensive they are.

An adult woman, indifferent to gadgets, will certainly not be delighted even by the last model of an iPhone.

If you are not very familiar with your sister’s tastes, consult with relatives, or with her friends.

You can also ask about the gift from your sister directly.

If she says that she does not need anything, do her give her something neutral, and at the same time original.

It is not necessary to make an expensive gift: a budget thing can be of high quality.

Choose the present so that the relative probably likes it, but at the same time does not ruin you.

An ideal gift is the one that only the culprit of the celebration will use: do not give gifts for the whole family.

Which is better not to give Do not give sharp objects for a birthday.

Even without reference to superstition, such a gift looks strange.

Make such a gift only if the sister is fond of cold weapons, or collects the collection.

It is undesirable to give aromatic candles, towels and alcohol.

There is no exact explanation for this – it is not accepted, and that’s it.

But if your sister asks you about this and specifies you, you can safely move away from tradition.

Do not give your sister the things that you like: even if you are very similar, your tastes and interests may vary.

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