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Adventure NEVEREST 40MM Adventure NEVEREST 40MM LIMITED Edition Adventure NEVEREST 40MM GLACIER Last week, the Swiss watchmaker presented a new collection of chronometers inspired by the highest point in the world and designed to help children living at the foot of Everest.

Embodying the spirit of adventure and supporting the desire to “never relax” (“Never Rest”) a collection that complements the Adventure line from Norqain, offers a beautiful and strong classic clock for fans with not only a decisive character, but also generosity.

Part of the revenue from the new Adventure Neverest models will be aimed at supporting the Butterfly Help Project project in Nepal, which was founded by Norbu Sherpa & Andrea Sherpa Zimmermann.

Founded after a destructive earthquake that shocked Nepal in 2015, the Butterfly Help Project is aimed at teaching Sherpov children, which help and accompany researchers while climbing the Himalayan peaks.

The collection is represented by 3 stunning products equipped with a high -performance NN20 / 1 manufactory, developed in collaboration with Kenissi.

In addition, all models have a water protection of up to 200 meters, which makes them the most waterproof clock in the entire Norqain collection.

Adventure NEVEREST 40MM The sports version of the watch with a sign pattern on the green dial is presented by a dynamic image of a unique design.

The non -steel noble is decorated with a black ceramic ring.

The updated fabric strap that enhances the sporting nature of the product and provides maximum comfort deserves attention.

Adventure NEVEREST 40MM LIMITED Edition The version of gold and became limited by the amount of 100 copies, as evidenced by the “One of 100” engraving on the back cover of the case.

A 40 mm with a diameter of 40 mm have a rose gold rose gold 5n with a black ceramic ring.

The dial represents a new vision of the Norqain company pattern obtained as a result of a complex production process.

Adventure NEVEREST 40MM GLACIER Adventure Neverest 40mm Glacier watches inspired by the view of the highest peak of the world, reflect the ice glow that comes from the case that is casting with satin shine, and from the gray beelaw with the dial, the drawing on which resembles cracks and uneven clefts of the Khumbu glacier, one of the most dangerous stages Climbing to the top of Everest.

More hours Norqain Adventure: Norqain N1000C03A/G101/10GC.

20S 170 100 p Norqain N1001CY01A/A103/10AR.

20S 296 100 p Norqain NB1000B01A/B102/10KC.

20B 197 100 p

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