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Especially for Alltime, Ekaterina Vavdeyuk spoke about the beginning of her professional path, mandatory spring acquisitions and basic jewelry, which should be in every jewelry wardrobe! How did you become a stylist? How exactly did your professional path begin? I became a freelancer and stylist during a childcare leave.

I enjoyed my motherhood pretty quickly and realized that I was just a housewife and just my mother is not enough for me – personal realization and life in society play a big role for me.

It was clear that I could not return to the previous place of work, because this would not allow the child to devote enough time.

Fashion has always attracted me, in my youth I always bought magazines in order to keep abreast of the current trends, and when I became popular, I followed the stylists and fashion bloggers.

In search of my “purpose”, I asked myself the question “What can I do even for free?” And the answer came right away, because at that time my advice was asked by my friend when choosing clothes.

I paid for the courses, went through my first training at school for stylists, and after that I announced in my personal Instagram that I was now a stylist.

At that time, I had about 500 subscribers (acquaintances and friends).

Work by a stylist involves 100% involvement and, sometimes it seems, takes all the available time.

How do you manage to maintain a working mood? Work stylist really takes most of my life and free time.

Only the schedule planning helps, with the inclusion of weekends and vacation in it, you have to negotiate with your inner strict workshop-laborer.

3 times a week I go in for sports and yoga, I go to vocal classes, this allows me to be in the resource and be distracted from work.

I try to plan travel and vacation in advance, because when you run a long distance of thoughts about a respite give strength and motivation.

How do you manage to combine the work of the stylist and the activities of the popular fashion blogger? I delegate many household chores, I practically do not do cooking and cleaning.

At the moment, it became really difficult for me to combine everything, so I in search of an assistant stylist who will help me.

I plan to delegate part of my professional affairs.

What thing would you call the main hit of the upcoming spring season and recommend it to be sure to purchase? I position myself as a stylist for mere mortals, so I do not offer fast trends and one-day things.

Fashion has become too fleeting, so I will be very realistic and offer to purchase a trouser suit.

Given that we are waiting for spring, I recommend that you purchase a costume in color: it can be a bright or delicate pastel hue.

Can you tell you possible trends in a jewelry and watch direction in 2022? What jewelry will be the most popular? If you highlight the wearable trends, then I would suggest paying attention to the rings.

At the catwalks, many designers presented to our attention rather large and massive roller earrings, in life they can be more neat and restrained.

Platinor Jewelry 0211.

31916 38 710 p Tous 911183510 9 300 p Tous 911183560 10 500 p All kinds of chains do not give up their positions: large and multi -layer, of different metal color or decorated with rhinestones.

They have already become a modern base, so one stylish chain is still worth getting.

Pandora 389685C00 18 990 p Madde IVI912CG-80D6 9 770 p JV Sal2586-KL-WP-001-WG 15 520 p Designers suggest that we take a course of color therapy, bright colors are returning to fashion.

If you are not ready to buy bright clothes, then you can start indulging with bright bracelets, rings and earrings.

If we talk about the color of the metal, then jewelry made of white metal and silver will become more popular.

Maxim Demidov 2-02971 670 040 p Swarovski 5600226 30,000 p Swarovski 5610363 33,000 p Do you wear a watch and consider them a good investment? Yes, the clock is an integral part of my images.

Without hours I feel uncomfortable, I can even say that the clock is part of the DNA of my style.

I acquired my first hours in 2014, chose them so well that I wear it to this day.

A successfully selected watch will definitely become a good investment and will delight you for many years.

In certain circles, watches can demonstrate your social status and your “success”.

If there is such a task, then it will really be an investment to move in a social elevator is comfortable and easy.

What jewelry would you include in the basic jewelry wardrobe and why exactly them? The basic set of jewelry is a base clock, a base ring, a base necklace or chain, a base bracelet.

All positions are perfectly combined with each other.

Be sure to have such a set of jewelry, so that there is always something to supplement the image.

How do you combine jewelry? Do you have certain rules or, conversely, a taboo? Most often, I prefer to wear basic jewelry and actively combine such jewelry among themselves.

In addition, I am not embarrassed to wear a lot of jewelry at once.

I always complement the watch with basic bracelets, I like to combine white and yellow metals.

I am quite flexible in relation to trends, but not all these trends I need in the wardrobe.

Raymond Weil 5925-STP-00300 93 700 p Norqain N1800SP81A/M18D/182S 188 100 p Guess W1070L8 19 790 p What does it mean to be stylish for you? Who would you call the icon of style? To be stylish means to have a good taste and be able to express yourself real in clothes, using a combination of different elements (such as color, silhouettes, textures, fabrics, patterns) that create a single visual image.

If we talk about the icons of style, then I really like Victoria Backham.

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