5 most fashionable prints of the season and how to choose jewelry for them

Brooch like Salma Hayek Earrings like Kate Hudson Kilet like Amanda Seyfrid Set like Ani Taylor-Joy Earms like El Fanning Yesterday, the 78th Golden Globe ceremony was held in Hollywood-one of the most prestigious film awards in the world.

The ceremony has become even more expected due to the practical lack of any high-profile social events over the past year.

The Alltime editor carefully examined the images of stars on the red carpet, chose her favorites and tells where to find jewelry similar to those who “walked” celebrities.

Brooch like Salma Hayek The 54-year-old actress appeared at the ceremony in a luxurious scarlet dress Alexander McQueen.

And despite the fact that stylists usually do not recommend appearing on ceremonies in red shades (so as not to merge with the red carpet), this exit was approved even by the most stringent critics.

A successful accent was the Harry Winston diamond brooch, pinned to the gate of the dress.

Well, just don’t take your eyes off! Aquamarine 72558A-S-A 2 360 p Sokolov 94040021_S 1 700 p Sokolov 94040105_S 1 790 p Earrings like Kate Hudson Nominated for the title of the best actress in a comedy or musical (for the film “Musik”), Kate Hudson at least did not receive a reward, but inspired all the trendsetters with her stylish evening outfit.

A dress with open shoulders and contrasting black and white embroidery Louis Vuitton was ideally combined with long Bulgari earrings of an unusual shape in the form of two elongated drops inlaid with diamonds.

Vesna Jewelry 2810-256-02-02 84 720 p Sokolov 94023603_S 4 560 p Sokolov 94023863_S 2 210 p Kilet like Amanda Seyfrid The star of the drama “Mank” was possible to create, perhaps, one of the most sophisticated images at the ceremony.

Oscar de la Renta’s peach-pink dress was ideally combined with an elegant necklace in the form of a thin thread decorated with diamonds and classic earrings-everything from the Forevermark jewelry brand.

We especially liked the necklace, which on the one hand looks concise, and on the other, elegant and elegant.

Swarovski 5117703 22,000 p Swarovski 5556917 26,000 p Sokolov 94070373_S 21 490 p Set like Ani Taylor-Joy Without exaggeration, the most loud exit of the past ceremony! The star of Netflix Superhita “The Queen’s Treasure” itself looked like a korolevsky: the luxurious emerald outfit Dior Haute Couture, the girl emphasized the classic decorations of Tiffany & Co.

Earrings, a necklace and a ring from platinum and diamonds with a total cost of about $ 2 million sparkled so brightly that they attracted the attention of absolutely all journalists.

Sokolov 1021761_S 191 580 p Sokolov 1070172_S 59 890 p Kabarovsky 11-11314-1710 54 710 p Earms like El Fanning Ana Taylor-Joy was not inferior to 22-year-old El Fanning.

No wonder the actress played Catherine II in the series “Great”! Apparently, so I got used to the image of the empress that henceforth appears only in the most luxurious outfits and jewelry.

Gucci, the girl emphasized the dress of the most delicate blue shade of Gucci.

This American brand specializes in conceptual and vintage jewelry with history.

Now these earrings can add to their “portfolio” the line that they were “walked” on the red carpet of the “Golden Globe – 2021”.

Master Diamond 2-208154-00-00 113 060 p Pandora 296351cz 8 490 p Sokolov 94022375_S 4 300 p March 1, 2021

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