40 prototypes and outstanding hours Maurice Lacroix

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40 prototypes and outstanding hours Maurice Lacroix
Antiquorum celebrates the 40th anniversary of the watch stamp
On the online platform of the Active House of Antiquorum – Antiquorum Watch Boutique – the sale of the Maurice Lacroix clock collection has begun, timed to the anniversary of the watch stamp. As part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the bidding, which will last until September 23, set 40 hours. Maurice Lacroix MP 7088 watches the most expensive model for 60,000 dollars. The RetroGrade TourBillon MP 7088 model from the limited 30 instances of the series (24th instance is on sale) is enclosed in a platinum housing and is equipped with a ML 110 manufactory caliber with a 90-hour turn of the stroke.
For 15 360 dollars, a prototype of the Maurice Lacroix MP 7128 model with two large chronograph meters on a black dial is offered. The diameter of the gold-covered housing with a transparent rear cover, opening the view of the complex mechanism, is 45 mm.
The price of $ 13,656 is set for MP 7158 concept, in which a square wheel on a pearl dial serves as a power supply indicator ML 156. The 43-millimeter case is made of steel.
The concept of Maurice Lacroix Pt 6009 with a deaf back lid at the auction is sold for $ 9,420. The chronograph with an additional indication of the date is equipped with an ETA ValGrance caliber and is enclosed in a 48 mm case.
Among other lots – the concept of the clock-regulator with the ML 105 caliber, the MP 6528 concept with a retrograde date indicator and the phase indicator of the moon, MP 6398 with a time indication in three time zones, PT 6148 clock with multi-colored dials, etc.

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