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The exhibition in Geneva in 2010 The Geneva handed watch “Oscar” – a prize for the best watches in 2010.

The solemn awarding ceremony was held at the Grand Theater, which brought together some 1,300 representatives of the watchmaker’s art and business.

Prizes received nine models, master Jean-François Mojon, a recognized clockmaker year, and the famous clock Academy of Independent Creators.

There were no surprises.

As always, the prizes at all was not enough, and there was much offended.

And as usual, at least a dozen stunning models, thanks to which the 2010-th will go down in the history of watchmaking, were not marked.

Organizers were justified: “Well, what can we do if many wonderful hours and all the reward we can not? We try to put into this year, an additional prize “Little Arrow” for watches costing less than 5000 francs .




In short, well aware of how fanatically Swiss are loyal to the traditions.

But, as it turns out, it is not always good for the art of watchmaking.

And most experts to the organizers of the Geneva Grand Prix again the traditional question: “What’s stopping you increase the number of winning?” Why can not divide the category “The best complicated watch” to “Best Tourbillon”, “Best repeater”, “Best perpetual calendar”, “Best astronomical calendar”, etc.

? Why nomination “Best Design and concept-clock” can not be divided at least in half? After all, concepts with a revolutionary display design or mechanism and watches with successful discoveries in the design of housing or the dial – are completely different things.

Against this background, touching the request of the jury: “The rest, please do not be offended!” – no comfort, only angered.

People are different and controversial decisions of the jury perceived in different ways.

Here, for example, during a ceremony today at the request of the great historian and theorist of watchmaking Dr.

Franco Cologny participants observed a minute of silence in memory of Nicolas Hayek Sr.

, and Luigi Macaluso.

Soft intelligent head Sowind Group, which includes brands Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard, Macaluso with a generous smile always forgave and continued to do their job, to adjust release of several stunning modern automatic mechanisms.

And here is a great businessman, the head of the all-powerful Swatch Group and the savior of the Swiss watch industry in the time of the quartz crisis, impulsive Mr.

Hayek is not easy, and for some years 18 brand corporations basically do not take part in the Geneva Grand Prix.

Same story with Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Let’s wait for the reaction Richemont Group, whose brands this year also remained without awards.

Although, for example, Cartier presented this year at least four gorgeous models – from the stunning futuristic concept ID One to gorgeous model Calibre de Cartier.

A Jaeger-LeCoultre – three great historical models Duometre a Quantieme Lunaire, Master Compressor Extreme LAB2 and most beautiful Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication astronomical clock of the year.

And if you remember the model Montblanc – Metamorphosis and Exotourbillon, as well as an impressive series of new complicated watches Portuguese from IWC .



In general, not enough to even Richemont all 17 brands became objector.

Then the Geneva Grand Prix will turn out only the most prestigious and respected awards in the small-town event with a dubious reputation.

Let us hope that this is still not going to happen.

For now is the time to discuss the results of the Geneva Grand Prix 2010.

Watch winners The clock was recognized as a model Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 ° Edition Historique.

She won the Grand Prix itself.

It’s a double tourbillon in a pink-gold case with a diameter of 44.

5 mm.

The model is not new, made its debut in 2004, reissued this year.

These watches are remarkable in that they have two tourbillon.

The external carriage is rotated at a speed of one revolution per 4 min.

Inside it is another, which rotates with the usual rate of one revolution per minute.

Double rotation provides additional resistance to gravity, affecting the accuracy of the clock.

Another feature – the balance wheel, set at an angle of 30 degrees to the dial.

Thus, he managed to keep a large diameter, and therefore provide a sustainable stable amplitude.

The best ladies watch with a romantic name Le Pont des Amoureux «Bridge of Lovers” created this year in Van Cleef & Arpels company.

White-gold case encrusted with diamonds, but the main thing in this watch – retrograde hour hand in the form of a lady with an umbrella and retrograde minute hand as the gentleman with the bouquet, which every hour move towards each other on the bridge, meet and merge in a minute kiss only twice day – at midnight and noon.

The title of the best men’s watches sensationally went to 64-year-old master Laurent Ferrier, who had previously worked for 37 years at Patek Philippe.

The accuracy of its yellow-gold watches Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Tourbillon Double Spiral not only increases module Tourbillon, located on the back side of the body, but also the double helix.

Two superposed hair cut in the opposite direction to compensate for potential gravitational error.

Design Award will receive a unique timepiece from the brand MB & F Horological Machine No.

4 Thunderbolt.

The name of the new Thunderbolt watch model from MB & F was in honor of US military aircraft A-10 with a similar name.

However, the American attack inspired the creators of hours not only on the choice of name, but also in design: a titanium housing design Horological Machine No.

4 Thunderbolt resembles a small copy of the two aircraft turbines with two faces, one of which shows the time, while the second shows the power reserve.

In addition to the really unusual design, Horological Machine No.

4 Thunderbolt different and complex clockwork mechanism, the creation of which specialists MB & F took about three years.

Best jewelry watches: Chopard «High Jewellery Owl Watch».

To its 150th anniversary, celebrated this year, of Chopard has created a luxurious bestiary – 150 jewelry depicting animals, often quite exotic for jewelers.

And in the category “Best Sports Watch” won .



Japanese brand Seiko.

In the 1970s, it was almost destroyed his invention – quartz watch – the Swiss watch industry.

But the old feuds forgotten, and now the Japanese, too, rely on expensive and complicated mechanical watch – in Geneva was marked by model Spring Drive Spacewalk Commemorative Edition, made for “space tourist” from the US Richard Garriott, who visited the ISS in 2008.

In this year’s competition there was nominated La Petite Aiguille – prize for 5000 hours less Swiss francs.

It beat the clock TAG Heuer CARRERA Calibre 1887 Chronograph.

“Client Choice» – Vacheron Constantin, Historique Ultra-fine 1955

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