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Rolex sporty than most color GMT-MASTER, namely Greenwich type – its history than short-SUB (1953 Ref.

6204), GMT Master Ref is based on the 6202 released in 1954, both of which can be said history neck and neck.

Water Monster hundred years compared to the appearance of Greenwich biggest feature is lively and varied, slim and lust.

Greenwich was originally designed to meet the needs of pilots, the outer ring is designed to color: red is a half hours of daylight, while the other half is a symbol of the division of the blue at night.

GMT needle with bright red (the latter more than the green and blue), pre outer ring is red and blue half of the hit color design to enhance the visual effect.

Gmt is the time for the aviation pilots are required because of the time difference aviation design, in addition to the normal local time, 24-hour hand can accurately show the difference between day and night, but also with rotating outer ring, quickly calculate the second time zone.

In addition to the outside of the circle multi-color, GMT strap while using commemorate the start type strap and Oyster bracelet, pearl bracelet with five new so just return to the traditional, maybe in the future will exchange Oyster bracelet, so no need to buy a new impulse and surprise.

GMT say that history is really difficult to interpret article clear, but above all its models have a certain understanding, drug division made a simple form, which on behalf of each section gives a brief introduction.

You can see the middle GMT-MASTER style is overlap, it can be said that it is divided into two main lines GMT-MASTER & GMT-MASTER Ⅱ, why there is a generation of second-generation difference? The core difference is that the movement has resulted in significant differences in use: Design (GMT minute by adjusting the initial order with the needle while rotating clockwise, the post-tone multi calendar separate second gear, third gear or tone but minute) GMT-MASTER movement when using two conventional In the 1980s 16750 and 16760 II generation began to distinguish the difference: the difference is that the second generation generation 16750 16760 When using the three design (the same minute or third gear head can simultaneously tune GMT needle and hour, while second gear becomes alone adjust the clock, GMT needle does not move; the hour before and after the calendar will need to be adjusted gradually) But the new second generation did not immediately replace the traditional generation upgrade generation 16750 to 16700; upgrade to the second generation 16760 16710.

If you look at the model of confusion, changes can be written down movement Ca.

l3075-3175 is the generation, Cal.

3085-3185-3186 is the second generation.

Why is the process of generation of the second generation exist because each is good for the old and new designs, a convenient transfer calendar, more than one hour a separate GMT.

GMT today to say a double into the right, the left is the right Ref.

16710 Ref.

16753, is considered a relatively small minority of the color of the outer ring.

Black red circle appears only in Ref.

16760, Ref.

16710; while the black gold ring is Ref.

16753, Ref.

16713, Ref.


Red for the red circle, gold for gold circle, embraced each other, highlighting the style.

It is noteworthy that the disk model imprint can be seen Ref.

16710 belong GMT-MASTER Ⅱ and Ref.

16753 generation is GMT-MASTER.


16710 that is, we often say that Coca-Cola circle (Coke), Pepsi circle more calm compared to 24 hours with 24 hours of red outer ring needle use.


16753 black gold eye-catching design to show off, coupled with five beads, yellow T25 luminous scale retro effect is very strong, as 82-year Lafite-like noble rich.

To be Oyste, or to be Jubilee, this is a question In addition to selecting Oyster or commemorative type strap color outside, which is another major problem GMT, which is GMT fun place, five beads comeback he gets an trendy.

Truth is the Best Without human intervention, to maintain the original flavor of history, there was a big brother once said: good things always similar, regardless plastic lens or sapphire, but more as long as the modification is really good.

SUB GMT compared to a multi-function GMT, in theory, the movement is more complicated, but the body has more shell skinny beauty: the middle of the transition to the end of both sides, as exquisite calligraphy brush ups and downs, peaks close to the pen.

The original medieval labor can be seen clearly shoulder line, as a woman Xiangjian matter are both trademarks eyes become like landscape.

As for the back part, although body piercing 16710 but has adopted a solid lead, strap more solid and durable.

The 16753 is a five beads design itself, together with inter-gold chain connector, the tape has been difficult to stretch out.

If next year the introduction of new intermetallic GMT I believe it will make a big issue on the table section, for example, into a ceramic chain bolt.

Together contrast differences can be significant differences in the 30 and 31 series of movements, individual drug division is very much like the Rolex Series 30, is relatively easy to play great, no price too high to find a satisfactory style.

Prior written Ref.

16800, Ref.

16803, Ref.

16660 are 30 series of movements, introduced’ve said many times.

The 3185 movement comes when the two functions is currently the mainstream GMT watch design, the actual item change is not great, but the really great convenience to use two separate set time.

2018 Rolex introduced Ref.

126710 red and blue style, movement is also replaced with a new 3285, series 32 for movement in recent years, the performance of drug division has been in a conservative approach.

Although polished design and improve a lot, but did not reach a stable point of view Rolex proper level, Blame travel series 31 performance too good.

In addition to the ordinary steel models, GMT’s product line is very complete, all gold full drill are commonplace, it is also seen from the side in the positioning of Greenwich to be higher than normal motion models (except Daytona).

If you really want all GMT-MASTER speak over and over, that really need to take a good Jiwan Zi to speak clearly and thorough.

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