2019 Basel Watch Fair Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch Greenwich type II

@HODINKEE For the old equipment Rolex, my passion has always been greater than the purchase of research enthusiasm.

But if you really let me experience a heart, can bear antiques labor, I will not hesitate.

But more importantly, I can not makes mistakes.

Therefore, in order not to miss the bird with heart models, these ten basic skills they need to arm themselves.

PART1 first disk 01 to determine the authenticity of the disk Real disk, only continue to check other essential items, which is a prerequisite.

And this step is no trick, only meticulously checked.

Carefully observe the disk crown logo and lettering, compared with the relevant models, and by the authority of the books or pictures comparison; for example, the crown should be marked or three-dimensional printing standard? Crown shape is correct? Whether each line printing font consistent with the reference target? Whether there is a flip side to write or change? After this step is done, then check the other items.

02 to determine disk Year For antiques labor, the version of each part whether a direct impact on its overall value to the period.

The disk of the Year period, usually you can check the luminous material.

Luminous material in different periods are different, such as radium used until the early 1960s, tritium to follow in 1998, Luminova for 1998– early 1999, the next is the Super Luminova and Chromalight.

How can I tell? By printing below the standard point when the disk 6, we can tell.

For example, on behalf of SWISS early radium watches, T Swiss T or T Swiss T <25 representatives of tritium, the latter on behalf of SWISS watch Luminova, it is now back Labor's newly installed Swiss Made.

Assess the state of the disk 03 Hopefully, before two are ok, then you can evaluate the state of the disk.

In this step, we can learn some interesting term.

For example, if the disk is a faded brown uniform, connoisseurs will say: tropical surface (tropical dial); and there are even crack the disk, called spiders surface (spider) .






although not all keen on this disk, but they do there are a considerable number of fans.

Key assessment is, whether the disk flawed serious deterioration and defects, e.


stains, scratches, etc.

off time scale.

* Face lower labor service “service dial” recognition.

PART2 lettering knowledge Labor body of antique lettering, quite a large amount of information, it can tell us: this table is probably what year of manufacture, model Why, strap, crown and other parts for the original, and so on.

Therefore, the next four points, which is the church we find lettering, and how to use.

Between the lugs 04 Check At the top of the case, namely between 12-bit lugs, we can find models of the watch, usually 4-6 digits.

To explore a case study, the model may be 6610 or 1016, it could be five digits 14270, and later the 6-digit 114270, 214270 as well as the existing models.

Also there is no calendar Kelpie, such as 5513/5512, the existing 114060.

Determine the type, there is a relatively accurate reference target.

Similarly, between 6 o’clock lugs, we can find the serial number of the watch.

By serial number, we can roughly determine until 2010 Rolex year of production (after 2010 as garbled).

* The serial number beginning with 44, usually “service case” for the labor service shell.

Check the bottom cover 05 and movement In general, the lettering inside of the bottom cover (if not been polished off), a few steps before we can confirm the judgment.

It should be noted, as shown in the bottom cover model, year, and a few steps before information may be obtained from slightly different.

In fact, if the same watch model structure corresponding to no harm.

Or in the Water Monster, for example, 5513 to 5512 may have lettering of the back cover, and the only difference between these two tables, only the latter Observatory certification.

In addition, some of the parts are not assembled into tables also immediately after the production error is generally understood year.

Of course, the bottom lid can end movement.

Combined with our find reference materials, we can for the movement of plates Road and lettering judge.

It is worth mentioning that, from the back cover we can determine whether the table is a special tool for opening the lid, opening the lid to check for traces of violence.

* In addition to opening the lid of violence can lead to scratches, scratches and other cosmetic damage, most fatal or lead to cover deformation, thus affecting the water resistance of the watch, it should be particularly careful when checking.

06 Checking crown Crown, is a key component waterproof another matter, but also need to be extra careful examination.

Should first make sure the authenticity of the crown “brevet” word or double-lock lock, Triplock flag.

Antique steel workers, for example, is a double-lock the lock bar, Triplock are three other large dots.

Secondly, you need to check Twill lock crown, it would have been replaced Triplock crown.

Although the latter is more waterproof, but it does affect the entire table coordination; and the greater the latter, the crown and shoulder early Kelpie do not match.

Of course, we can according to the needs of daily collection or to decide whether to accept.

07 Checking strap Differentiating antique Rolex, the strap is a good clue.

From the first bracelet watch near an ear, we can find the bracelet model, so check their production years.

For example, 7206 is 50–60 years, a width of 20mm link with rivets, 7205 on behalf of the link width of 19mm model.

In addition, the type engraved with a distal segment (arc opening), which should be adapted to the particular type watch.

Antique Daytona e.


, all the distal segments 71 are to the end of two numbers.

If you find is not, we can then talk price.

PART3 overall study 08 Verifying the Accessories In the camera field, we often talk about: me say complete.

In the category of antique table, then Love said: large full.

Large full course more collectible than a single table, and more trusted.

But the full set, foolproof it? No .






harsh reality is that labor antique box with a blank document, there are many channels you can get.

Although hard to detect, but at least we can focus on the details of whatever.

For example, an antique labor, modern equipped with a green box .






case number, and the file shown inconsistent .






although simple example, but the person on an impulse, is likely to ignore these details.

In addition, if in addition to the warranty document, as well as other supporting documents, such as manuals, brochures, purchase invoices, maintenance of a single official, I believe will be more convincing.

09 assessment of the product phase Talked about three important criteria to evaluate a antique table, connoisseurs always say: Condition, Condition, and Condition.

It would have been nothing wrong, but such “new stock” NOS, “unpolished” unpolished, “the best” mint these, then surgery might be a bit of flooding.

In particular unpolished, this description has been overused.

Because it is difficult confirmed, but also has some controversy, is forbidden.

Antique labor in foreign trade forum section.

For connoisseurs, the real way to determine whether or not polished, is to examine the case from all angles, deliberately look for polishing and sanding marks.

Which lugs are most likely to find clues in the region, especially raw side and ears, if the lines are clear, then it is lucky.

Followed by the lugs thickness, in most cases, of course, the better the more fullness, we may wish to compare it to a reference standard.

10 understand the seller Reputable business, the authority of the collector, both of which may be the most reliable antique seller of labor.

We from the various forums, as well as before the transaction record, how many can understand its credibility.

Or, we may wish to consult the relevant circumstances direct table, which can then be judged.

Experience when dealing with the seller is very important.

Their answers provide a picture usually good reference and basis for judgment.

If something reliable, a good business will always be happy to provide detailed information.

But for buyers, learn to respect each other is essential.

After all, a good business, it is also no shortage of buyers.

to sum up Buy antique Rolex, focus first on the disk, and then obtain information from various parts cautious view, compare, judge, cautious trading.

Antique table for a little picky, not a bad thing.

The best way is to select the target model, with the authority of professional books, articles, or help agencies, organizations, research from the corresponding each of the above steps.

I hope this helps basic skills, I wish all of the antique Rolex interested friends, have won a good heart as soon as possible.

– End – References: Louis Westphalen – 9 Basic Things You Should Always Look At Before Buying A Vintage Rolex

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