2017Baselworld Rolex Hall glance

Especially for the most demanding fashionistas, for which a high status and chic appearance on the order is more important greenbacks from American presidents, jewelry house Jacob & Co.

Canary Diamond released a luxury cufflinks, which drew an entirely astronomical sum for this type of accessories – $ 4.

2 million! Sami cufflinks made of 18-carat white gold and decorated with a large number of rare and expensive diamonds.

Along the perimeter of an accessory housed white baguette-cut diamonds with a total weight of 10.

76 carats, and the entire central part of the studs takes the purest canary yellow diamond weighing 21 carats, which is literally mesmerizing look.

Cufflinks are delivered in an elegant leather case, trimmed inside the dark blue velvet.

We think that if we take the slogan “meet on clothes” as an axiom, that the owner of these studs should meet at least a king.

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