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For the production of luxury watches companies seek to use an alloy of gold of their own making.

Special unique shades and high strength – those advantages that the clock of these branded materials.

Search for the best gold alloy whose formula brands are kept in strict confidence, it may take years watchmakers.

Here are four proprietary alloy of gold from the leading watchmakers, which increase the value of hours of them at times.

Rolex Everose Gold Alloy Everose Gold, Rolex introduced in 2005.

This is an exclusive alloy of 18 carat gold, which uses the brand for 14 years and plans to continue it.

Pink gold Rolex Everose Gold – a special formula in which the gold color is added to copper, and for preventing the tarnishing of – platinum.

Rolex company has its own foundry to create gold, which is used for the manufacture of watches.

Most collections offer a version of Rolex watches in Everose Gold.

This trendy model: Day-Date, Datejust and Cellini, and models of sports watches: Daytona, Yacht-Master and GMT-Master II.

Omega Sedna Gold Gold alloy Omega Sedna Gold received its name in honor of distant minor planet Sedna, whose surface, as well as an alloy of red color.

Omega Sedna Gold – a patented Omega alloy of 18 carat gold.

The composition of the alloy includes gold, copper and palladium.

The special formula Omega resistant alloy provides a reddish tint.

The company introduced the Sedna Gold in 2013 as a result of internal development Swatch Group team.

The first hours of Sedna Gold made a collection of Constellation.

Now watch from Sedna Gold red and rose gold are included in all collections Omega, including the Seamaster, Speedmaster and DeVille.

Hublot Magic Gold Avant-garde approach to the alchemy of Hublot turned soft and ductile gold is durable and scratch-resistant metal, connecting it with ceramics.

The alloy was apt apt name Magic Gold ( «Magic Gold”).

Compound solid ceramic with a liquid gold magic material for the manufacture of hours required Hublot two years.

Another feature of Magic Gold – a unique golden color with a bronze tint.

Alloy made his debut in 2012.

alloy technology for creating Magic Gold requires a lot of time and effort, so watch Hublot Magic Gold – rare model.


Lange & Söhne Honey Gold In 2010, the pride of the German watchmaking company A.

Lange & Söhne presented exclusive gold alloy.

Alloy special caramel and honey-colored called Honey Gold.

Proprietary A.

Lange & Söhne Honey Gold alloy possesses unique characteristics.

Honey Gold twice stronger than platinum, which gives a high resistance to scratches and damage.

The company A.

Lange & Söhne uses this honey gold alloy only for selected models of the limited series, for example: Langematik Perpetual, Richard Lange Tourbillon «Pour le Mérite», Zeitwerk Decimal Strike.

Rare hours of Honey Gold makes them fans of A.

Lange & Söhne collectors.

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